CAGE Code: 0GEP41-843-552-4552

Founded in 1989, Gomez & Associate Co. LLC is an SDB Minority-Owned full-service metal fabrication and machining company serving private and government clients in the Carolinas.

We are mechanical & civil engineers with state-of-the-art technology. With five waterjet machining centers, a Mitsubishi 3015 LV plus II laser machine and a newly acquired Vytek L-Star 450 Watt Laser Cutting System, as well as the latest quality control equipment including the FaroArm Platinum and a Virtek LaserQC® scanner. All this equipment along with advanced engineering software (ANSYS CFX, FLUENT, OPENFOAM, GID, Solid Works & CATIA) allows us to perform tasks most of our competitors cannot. Our crew is comprised of engineers, skilled designers, CNC machinists and operators as well as certified welders.

Our size affords us the flexibility and agility to take on jobs of any size, from decorative iron fencing and bicycle racks, to complex communication assemblies and military parts, while our experience and reputation make us an established, trusted leader in the field of metal fabrication. And through our acquisition of Quality Custom Components LLC we expanded our capabilities in the field of precision machining.

At Gomez & Associate we understand time is money and that is why we work as quickly as possible while keeping quality as our top priority, no matter the size of the job.

Why Choose Us

  • Full-Service Metal Fabrication & Machining

    Unlike many of our competitors, Gomez & Associate has the equipment, expertly trained staff and ample experience to offer a complete line of metal fabrication and machining services, all under one roof in our expansive facilities. (more +)
  • Uncompromising Quality

    We have built our reputation on quality and precision. That's why we train our staff to make quality priority number one in every job, and we keep our Quality Control Lab at the cutting edge of technology. (more +)
  • Agility & Flexibility

    Our size affords us the flexibility and agility to take on jobs of any size, from decorative iron fencing and bicycle racks, to complex communication assemblies and military parts.

Management Team

Eduardo Gomez
Founder & President
  • Founded Gomez and Associate Co. LLC in 1989, and E=MC4I Inc. in 1997 (which he sold to daughter Jennifer in 2005, company is still running today)
  • Holds degrees in Mechanical and Civil engineering from Clemson University and Greenville Technical College
  • Worked at ADCOR 10 years as Senior Project Engineer, where he was trained and Certified in NBCW (Nuclear and Biological Chemical Warfare with the U.S. Army)
  • Married for 40 years with one daughter
  • Hobbies: Cycling
David Otalora
Plant Manager
  • Has worked for Gomez and Associate since 2000
  • A Mechanical Engineer from Universidad Nacional in his native Colombia, David has been involved with manufacturing and engineering since he was very young; he got his first job at age 16 at Sofasa, a car assembly facility for French automaker Renault
  • David has vast experience in Cutting, Forming, Welding, Designing, Sheet Metal, Manual and CNC Machining
  • Software expertise in Solid Works and Camworks
  • Married with 3 beautiful children
  • Hobbies: cars & motorcycles
Wyn Mullins
Plant Manager QCC
  • Former Owner/ manager of Quality Custom Components, Inc (QCC) for over 15 years
  • Worked for 21 years for Cummins Engine Company and its subsidiaries
  • Holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, and had 4 years of special training through Cummins Engine Co. (Skills Trainer Program)
  • Senior tool designer in CAD/CAM, and senior design engineer in manufacturing
  • A native of Oakland, California, Wyn is married and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren